First off, hello and welcome!  I imagine you have come to this page because you are new to yoga and you are ready to change your life for the better.  Before you go to the next thing on your list or continue to fumble through the internet, let me attempt to hold your attention for at least a minute.

Yoga has changed my life and, as a result, I am eager to help you change yours.  It is truly my intention that everyone brings yoga and meditation into their life in some way.  In this day and age, our modern society is bombarded with digital information.  We feel pressure to excel and be the best, and it is easy to become stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and, honestly, tired!  We weren’t meant to live this way.  The lifestyle that most of us live is unsustainable, wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies, and leaves us feeling empty.  (I’ve been there!)  And while you might feel that this is your nature or that the person you have become is who you are, who you have to be and that change is impossible, I’m here to tell you that there is another way.

Your-plans-for-the-universeWhatever preconceived ideas you have about yoga or meditation, I hope you can push them to the side and open yourself up to the possibility that yoga will be exactly what it needs to be for you at this time.  There is no right type of yoga, there is no perfect teacher, and there is no exact path.  In fact, just like life, the path is windy, up and down, lots of twists and curves, and it is different for everyone.

In my experience, many people who have never done yoga or have only done it a few times are very intimidated.  I hear excuses all the time like… I’m not flexible enough, I can’t quiet my mind, I don’t know the poses, I can’t keep up, It’s too expensive, I’m not a hippie…Etc!  But, here is the thing:  ANYONE and EVERYONE can and should practice yoga!  Again, there is no right way.

So, where does one start?  Start small.  Even just 2 minutes of meditation a day can help relieve stress.  There is a great app for your smart phone called Headspace that I highly recommend!  Or, for the physical benefits, just start with a 10 minute short practice or tutorial.  A website I highly recommend is  They have so many options for beginners to learn poses!  (Also, Yoga Glo offers FREE public classes at their Santa Monica studio if you live in the area.  Money should not be an excuse not to practice!)  There are also quite a few “quick tips” on the Green Yogi Online forum. Lastly, if you can afford it, I highly recommend treating yourself to private instruction.  I have a new client special package available which includes 5 private sessions and is perfect for anyone starting out.

Things to remember if you are new to yoga:

  • Communicate and be honest about your limitations. If you go to a group class, please make sure to let the instructor know that you are new and if you have any current or chronic injuries.  If the instructor is experienced, you should get the attention you deserve and they will help you be safe in your body.
  • You don’t need to get it right.  I know I’ve said this a few times, but give yourself permission to be new, to experiment with what works for YOUR body, to accept that your body is unique and that yoga is not about the way you look in a pose, but more about the way you feel in a pose. We all have different bodies and your practice is going to be very different from someone who has been practicing for 10 years.  Give yourself a break.
  • Take your time. You don’t have to practice 5 times a week to start.  Once a week is fine!  Or 10 minutes a day!  Do your best and what makes sense for you.  Allow yourself to ease in.  This will be safer for your body in the long run anyway.