Early Morning Arrival

What a gorgeous day… blue skies, a fresh breeze, and the smell of summer lingering as I walk happily in the the light step of my flip flopped feet.  I’m so grateful for this day.   Yesterday- May 28th, 2010-  was  my last evening on the schedule of a Bar/Restaurant I have been working for for almost 8 years!  My “means to an end,” as they say… has ended!!! And today – May 29th, 2010- is the first day stepping into the life I have been working towards in many ways- and that is a life where I wake up with the Sun!!!  Dear Tomorrow-at-5:45am… I can’t wait to see you.

I always knew I was a morning person.  When I was in high school, I would wake up at 5:30am to do a Kathy Smith workout video so I could get the most optimal workout in.  In college, I purposefully scheduled my classes at 8am so I could focus.  My energy is most abundant in the morning.  It is when I am productive, alert, in-tune, and most present.   I love early mornings especially.  I love that time when the majority of others are still sleeping, and I feel like I have the world to myself- even for just a moment.  I love watching the sunrise.  I love the calm of the ocean.  I love the stillness in the air.  I love the chirping of the birds and the crow of the Rooster (if I lived on a farm, that is, I know I would love it).  I love the idea that each morning is a new beginning to a new day, and I love setting aside the time to meditate and set an intention for my day.  I love knowing that I have the whole day ahead of me still to do what I need to do or be where I need to be.  I could go on and on.  But, the main thing is that I know I love it.  And, I know I have been denying myself this time because of the nature of my serving job and the late nights.  So, here I am- So grateful because of where I have been, where I am going, and where I am now.  There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you are living the life you want.  I hope all of you reading this are able to feel this as well- whether it’s now or in the future.  It may take some time- 8 years, perhaps?..But it’s worth it- because, after all, you really quite don’t know where you are until you know where you’ve been.