private classes

Who should invest in the luxury of a private lesson?

Everyone. 🙂 And…

Those who are new to yoga who want to understand the different poses and correct alignment.

Those who want to deepen their yoga practice.

Those who desire the comfort and luxury of practicing in their own home.

Those who desire a practice dedicated to their personal wants and needs.

Those who are unable to attend group yoga classes due to injury or physical limitations.

In-Person Sessions:

All sessions are 1-hour and must be within 10 miles of Santa Barbara, CA. Additional charges may apply for travel time, studio space rental, outdoor permitting, or additional participants. 

1-hour Session: $120

5 Sessions Package: $600 ($110 per session) 

10 Sessions Package: $1000 ($100 per session)

Zoom Sessions:

1-hour Session: $95

5 Sessions Package $450 ($90 per session)

Personalized Classes on HD Video:

This is a nice option where I will personalize a recorded class to cater to your individual wants and needs. We meet for a 20-minute consultation to decide together what you need, what you love and don’t love about yoga, and what style of practice suits your current lifestyle best. This is a high-quality recorded class just for you to have forever. Please note the time frames can be broken up into smaller classes, such as two 30-minute classes, two 15-minute classes, etc… 

30-minute Recording: $100

1-hour Recording: $175