Private Instruction

Private Instruction

Private lessons are desired for many reasons:

  • New yoga students who want to understand the different poses and correct alignment so that they can feel confident and safe when practicing yoga
  • Students who have practiced for a while, but want to deepen their yoga practice and move towards more advanced poses
  • Students who want to understand and feel the benefits of meditation
  • Students who don’t have time to make it to the studio and want the comfort of practicing in their own home on a regular basis
  • Students who want the personal and familiar connection of working one on one on a regular basis and desire a practice dedicated to their personal wants and needs
  • Prenatal students or students who have other limitations or injuries in their bodies and are not able to attend group yoga classes

If someone is new to yoga, I suggest a minimum of 5 personal, private instruction sessions to help them feel comfortable and safe before attending group classes.  Most private sessions are 60 minutes, but 90 minute sessions are also available.

I do supply props (mat, strap, bolster, blocks, therapy massage balls).  I can supply props for up to 10 people.  However, if students want to meet weekly, I recommend they have a personal mat and props, so they can also practice on their own.

Private Instruction Rates and Package Options:

The below rate is for private sessions within 10 miles of Santa Barbara, California.  Additional charges may apply for travel time or studio space rental.  Group sessions are also available for an additional $40 per person. 

60-minute Session [1-3 students] 

5 Private Lessons Package: $650 ($130 per session) 

10 Private Lessons Package: $1200 ($120 per session)  

Gift certificates available as well.

For more information or booking, contact Linda here.