The Reason you CAN (and should) go on a Retreat

Last May, I made the decision to attend (not lead) a yoga retreat in Mexico.

Did I desperately need to escape from some personal drama and concerns??? YES.

Did it feel indulgent and strange to leave all my obligation and my loved ones for an entire week? YES

Did I feel I couldn’t and shouldn’t spend the $$$ on it? YES

Did I feel guilty? YES


There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t spend a full week nurturing and pampering yourself for a week. Yet, there is one big reason you absolutely SHOULD.  

In a world that is so externally driven, where we are trying to fit in, feel like we are doing things “right”, caught up in overthinking, over-planning, and overdoing… The mind NEEEEEDS a break!!!  

Because we FORGET, continually, that peace and joy aren’t outside of us, they are within us.  (Hello unconscious and unecessary spending, eating and drinking!)

In this overwhelming, fast-paced world we live in, it can take a few days to truly allow oneself to get still and for the mind to quiet down and settle.  It can take a few days to release and shift our habitual thinking and doing patterns.  And, then, once we do, it takes a few more days to ABSORB and BE with the stillness and the settling in order to truly FEEL a connection to ourselves, in order to feel inner peace and inner joy, and in order for all of it to integrate into every cell of our being and every moment of our lives. 

When I went to Mexico last May, I went for myself.  But, what I came back with was for everyone and everything else.  You see, nothing dramatically changed or shifted in my personal life or my relationships, but what shifted was ME and my reactions.  Instead of resisting and worrying and overthinking, I showed up into my world with more presence, more joy, and more peace.

So, CAN (and should) YOU go on a retreat?