Acceptance is the Solution

Acceptance is the solution to your problems. 

Read that sentence again. 

This phrase came from an inspiring woman named Jenny Schatzle, and it is my new quarantine mantra, on repeat daily, sometimes hourly.  I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now, and, throughout this pandemic, she is someone I’ve leaned on.  We all need someone, even a few people, to lean on and support us right now.  It’s OK. We aren’t superheroes. What I love about her is she says things like they are, she calls us out on the things we are saying to ourselves and others (judgements anyone?  shoulds and shouldn’ts anyone?).  She shows us what is REAL and TRUE, and she asks us to do the same for ourselves.

So, this month, I’m actually not here to share some uplifting, inspiring, radiant-filled message. I’m not here to try to persuade you to feel joyful right now. I don’t want you to hide, sugarcoat, or even feel guilty about who you are and what you are feeling, and I’m not asking you to find or shift into some sort of radical self-transformation. Because, the reality of our current world situation flat out SUCKS on many levels. Life is HARD right now for most of us for many reasons.  I’m feeling it, and I want you to feel it. Like a child being scolded for throwing a tantrum, suppression only creates fear and resistance. And we certainly don’t need more of that.

So, what do we need? 
We need to feel.
 We need permission to be AS IS.  
We need acceptance.
I promise you – acceptance IS the solution to your problems. And, as far as I know, acceptance comes from awareness and surrender, which is essentially the practice of meditation.  Acceptance is simply a practice of BEING with what is AS IT IS.

Please, do me a favor.  Take a deep breath.  Right now.  
A mindful, slow, long Inhale and deep, releasing, long exhale (maybe even out your mouth).
And ask yourself: Am I truly able to accept my state of being AS IS?

If not, Yoga is here for you.